The Woolly Wyvern
The Woolly Wyvern

The Woolly Wyvern

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Hand-cranked Socks using a 1920s Canadian Sock Machine

Based in the village of Walls, on the Westside of Shetland, we make wool socks on a 1920s Canadian Sock Machine. These machines (CSMs) were produced during WW1 and distributed by the Canadian Red Cross to help make more socks for the war effort.

We have two ranges of socks:

100% Shetland Wool Bed Socks – Handwash only, the yarn for these socks is produced by Sandness Woollen Mill Which is about 20 minutes drive from my house. They are light use socks, and have a snug fit around the leg, though they can easily be stretched by making a sock board from some cardboard.

75% Superwash Wool – These socks are fully machine washable and a hardier sock, with a printed pattern. They are also stretchier, making them better for wider legs.

We do not use any elastic for or socks, so they are friendly to older or diabetic legs.